RATH's WanderPro Management System

RATH's WanderPro LC1200 Management System

RATH’s WanderPro Management System (LC1200) is an ideal entry-level wander management solution for
facilities seeking quick, cost-effective resident wandering protection.

The LC 1200 System is designed to be a turnkey patient egress monitoring system
and to alert facility personnel of the possible egress of a monitored resident or asset.

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RATH's WanderPro Management System
LC1200 System
RATH's WanderPro Single Door Kit
WanderPro Management LC1200 System consists of:
  • LC Unit:
    • Single Zone Monitoring (Tag Detect)
    • Perimeter Door Function (Timer)
    • Stagger Tuning
  • Wearable System Badges
  • Controllers and Components:
    • Keypad
    • Power Supply
    • Cable Kit
    • Secondary Controller (double door or hallway applications)
Wearable System Tags
Wearable System Badges
Components and Controllers
Door Kits