UL 2560
"Emergency Call Systems for Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities"

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System Configuration
2.1.1 - "The fundamental operation of a nurse call system (NCS) shall include essential/required operation whose primary function is to provide notification and/or reset/cancellation of a staff-initiated or patient/initiated call signal to alert the staff."

► Emergency call initiation station with a call assurance indicator suitable for permanent installation in each resident living unit.

► Call notification stations that receive calls, one of which must be at a fixed location.

► Secondary (battery backup) power supply.

Normal Operation (Chapter 17)

►If fewer than 100 percent of the calls are able to be displayed on a call notification station:

►The system shall have a priority, retrieval, or alerting capability that displays high priority calls in lieu of or in addition to routine calls.

► The priority shall be emergency calls (high priority), routine calls (medium priority), and trouble calls (low priority).

► The call notification station must be capable of displaying at least 10% of the possible calls that could be displayed.

► Call cords and emergency call switches extending from signaling units shall be connected so unintentional removal of the device from its socket will result in a visual and audible signal at the call notification station.

► Otherwise a restraining means shall be provided to prevent removal.

► There shall be no loss of routine, emergency, or code calls while a signaling unit is energized by a standby power source and is operated under normal and signaling conditions.

► When an audible indication or signal is required it shall be, at a minimum, of 60 dBA at one meter. If the signal is a trouble indicator its minimum level is 50 dBA.

Electrical Supervision

►The maximum time from the occurrence of a fault or adverse condition in any communication path or equivalent during annunciation or idle time, to the restoration of the fault or adverse condition to normal state or to generation of a trouble signal in a worst case loaded system shall be specified by the manufacturer. In no case, however, shall that time be greater than:

► 24 hours for wireless call initiation stations

► 90 seconds for hardwired call initiation stations

► 60 minutes for wireless device that affects multiple call initiation stations

► 90 seconds for a hardwired device that affects multiple call initiation stations