RATH® Nurse Call Certified Installer Training

Certified Installer Training
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Product Description

RATH® Nurse Call Certified Installer
Installers of RATH's Nurse Call Systems must participate in
an approximately 3 hr long Webinar Training Session

Follow these easy steps:
  1. Sign up and schedule training using form below

  2. RATH® will ship a Demonstration Kit to you

  3. Jerry Last, RATH's Director of Technical Services, will provide a one on one training session via webinar

  4. Upon completion, ship the Demonstration Kit back at RATH's expense

  5. RATH® Nurse Call Certified Training Certificate will be issued to your location/company
RATH® Nurse Call Demo Kits (SmartCare - Wired and SmartAlert Wireless)

To schedule Certified Installer Training, fill out the contact form below.