How the CliniCare Nurse Call System Works: Text

CliniCare System and product overview

The CliniCare System is nurse call in its simplest form.

  • The 6 Zone Annunciator Panel is the main monitoring panel for staff.

  • The system typically includes a 6 Zone Annunciator, up to 6 Switch Stations, a Dome Light per Switch Station, and a Power Supply.

  • When a Switch Station is activated, typically a Pull String Station in the bathroom, the Dome Light turns on and there is a tone and light at the Annunciator Panel. Like the more advanced SmartCare Solution, the CliniCare System is fully supervised and will annunciate a system and/or station fault.

  • The system is pre-programmed to simplify installation. The LED colors, flash rates, and tones default to typical nurse call system operations.

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