How the SmartCare Nurse Call System Works: Text

RATH® Nurse Call SmartCare System - How it Works

The SmartCare System is a state-of-the-art tone and visual nurse call system.
This system is expandable from 1 all the way up to 240 zones on one single system.

  • The Smart Devices represent each 'zone' of a SmartCare System. Smart Devices include Nurse Consoles for nurses’ stations, Smart Domes for resident rooms, Duty Stations for break rooms, Zone Lights for hallway intersections, or Staff Stations for labs or exam rooms. The Smart Devices are daisy-chained via SmartLoop™ Technology. The SmartCare requires 24 AWG, Cat5 or Cat5e, 8 conductor wire. There can be 6 Switch Stations to a single Smart Device.

  • Switch Stations are plugged directly into any of the Smart Devices via RJ45 Cat5 or Cat5e connection. These stations are recognized by the Smart Device automatically and therefore have a default action when activated. Switch Stations include: Pull String Stations, Bedside Stations, Panic Button Stations, Code Blue Stations, and Check-In Stations.

  • The SmartCare System is a microprocessor based system with many intelligent features. Besides being completely supervised, it’s also constantly logging all activity and saving it to a local SD card. These call logs can be useful for management. The call logs show date and time of call and time of cancellation giving you a call duration. If you want further management capabilities and email/text notification you can easily add RATH’s SmartAlert Software.

  • The SmartCare System is also fully programmable making it completely customizable. The LED color, flash rate, and tone can annunciate differently for calling type identification. The supervisory software that comes standard with the SmartCare System will proactively check on every device to make sure they are working properly. In the rare occasion of a system or device fault, you will be notified both audibly and visibly at the Host Controller and/or Remote Sounder.

  • Integration to RATH® Pocket Paging allows staff to be mobile yet still immediately receive call notifications. Pocket Paging is a standard feature and can be easily added to any system through the RATH® Host Controller’s serial port. This will require a Paging Transmitter and Alpha-Numeric Pocket Pagers.

  • SmartAlert Software and Notification Center can easily be added to any SmartCare System. This is connection through the Ethernet port that comes standard on the RATH® Host Controller. There are no programming requirements, this software is completely plug and play. This feature requires the RATH® Notification Center which consists of a PC/Server, 20" Monitor, keyboard/mouse, and all required cables.

  • *The SmartCare System is a useful tool for medical facilities. It is specifically designed for long-term care facilities, clinics and small hospitals in conjunction with their operation protocol. The SmartCare System is truly "Protecting What Matters."

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