Hallway/Elevator Kit: RC800123

RATH® WanderPro Hallway/Elevator Kit - RC800123

The RATH® Hallway/Elevator Kit gives you every WanderPro component needed to alarm when an active tag passes through this hallway or enters this elevator.

When the active tag is within the signal of the controller and the Passive Infrared Reader is activated without the code being entered into the keypad, that zone will go into alarm. This can be stand-alone or integrate with RATH’s SmartAlert Wireless System or Hardwired SmartCare System.

Kit Includes:
• (1) LC Controller: RC700098
• (1) LC Secondary Controller: RC700099
• (1) Keypad: RC650209
• (1) Passive Infrared Reader (PIR): RC300302
• (1) Cable Kit: RC700150
• (1) 15vdc Regulated Power Supply: RC500224
Note: Kit does not include Tags or Tag Activator

Download PDF:
WanderPro Door Kits: Data Sheet