Wrist/Ankle Badges: RC77L018(W)

WanderPro Wrist and Ankle Badges - RC77L018(W)
Compatible with our WanderPro , SmartCare & CliniCare Systems

The RATH® LC 1200 System Badges are small wristwatch sized devices worn by a resident or attached to an asset such as a wheelchair or walker. When a resident or patient enters a Tx Activation Field, the Badge sends a signal to the Zone Controller via the Receiver. The Zone Controller processes this information for appropriate control action or response (e.g., sounding alarms, locking doors). Badges should not be applied directly metal.

Badges are operated by an internal battery. The Badges have been engineered for greater than 12 months usage.

• Badge Size: 1.25" x 1.5" x 0.5"
• Weight with Band: 0.5 ounce

Operating Characteristics:
• Transmit Frequency: 418 Mhz
• Receive Frequency: 127-137 Khz
• FCC ID: JM7-IGWT-662002
• Canada IC: 2683A-662002

Badges are attached with a nylon-mesh-reinforced vinyl band. The band is designed to resist tearing caused by pulling or chewing on the band. Badges are typically attached to a wrist or ankle. If applying to a wheelchair or walker, a minimum one inch of space must be between the badge and the metal.

• Badges are reusable but they must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between applications.
• Clean using anti-bacterial wipes or hydrogen peroxide.
• Badge bands are for one-time use only
• In long-term applications, periodically replace the bands and clean the Badges. If the band becomes frayed or torn it will need to be replaced.

To preserve battery life and prevent nuisance alarms, Badges should be turned off, stored away from sources of electrical noise, and stored in a metal container with a lid. Extra Badge bands should be stored in a clean and dry environment.

• Operating Temperature: 32° F to 120° F
• Intended for indoor use only

Visual Pulse LED:
The Visual Pulse LED indicates the Badge’s current mode.

Visual Pulse LED light pattern

Download PDF:
Wrist/Ankle Badges: RC77L018 Data Sheet