Universal Transmitter: RC-IT-731E

RATH® SmartAlert Universal Transmitter: RC-IT-731E
Monitor the state of miscellaneous systems anywhere within the community. Three individual inputs can be monitored by one Universal Transmitter and may be uniquely labeled. Easily integrate disparate systems for the ability to alarm of triggering events within the platform. For example, the unit can monitor a smoke detector in a residentís room. The same Universal Transmitter could also monitor the state of a window or door within the room to enhance the situational awareness of the system.

  • Seamlessly brings ancillary alarms into system
  • Monitor up to three individual inputs simultaneously
  • Each input supports unique identification
  • Battery operated option for convenient and fast deployment
  • Application identifier stickers included, such as fall detection, door/security, smoke detector and wheelchair
  • Light indicator for activation status

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