Pocket Paging System

Pocket Paging System
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Product Description

RATH® SmartCare Paging System includes 2900-PPS Station and 2900-PP1 Pager
Paging System: 2900-PPS
Pocket Pager: 2900-PP1
The RATH® Paging System is an easily added feature to any SmartCare or SmartAlert System. Your mobile staff will never again miss a nurse call system alert. The 5 watt paging transmitter has a range of up to 2 miles so it will cover nearly any facility. Since itís compatible with RATH® Software, itís simply ďplug and pageĒ.
• Paging System Part Numbers:
• 2900-PPS Paging System
• 2900-PP1 Pager

When any call comes into the SmartCare Solution with a priority level of 6 or higher, it will send a page. Whether itís a Bedside Station, Bathroom Pull Station, Staff Station, or Code Blue, the paging system immediately notifies all connected pagers. The alphanumeric display on the pocket pagers allows a clear description of where the call is coming from and from what station. If a call duration reaches 5 minutes, a reminder page is sent. A page also comes in when a station is cancelled.

Technical Specifications:
(2900-PPS Paging System)

• Operating voltage: 115vac plug-in
• Operating current: 50mA standby, 2.5A transmit
• Frequency: 447-464 Mhz
• Paging format: POCSAG
• Approval: FCC, UL, IC, CSA
• Serial ports: (2) 9 pin RS232
• Dry contacts: (1) 9 pin RS232 port with (8) voltage free contacts
• Dimensions: 7-1/2" H x 12-1/2" W x 3" D
• Weight: 3 lbs.
• Compatible with our SmartCare Solution

Technical Specifications:
(2900-PP1 Pocket Pager)

• Displays page directly on screen when received
• Back light turns on when page is received
• Delete page with one button
• Turn pager off with one button
• Compatible with our SmartCare Solution

Download PDF:
Paging System: 2900-PPS and 2900-PP1 (Pager) Data Sheet