"Health Care Facilities Code"

NFPA logo General
► Shall communicate patient and staff calls

► Shall be the audio or tone visual type

► Shall be UL 1069 listed

► Shall provide event notification for:

► Medical device alarms

► Staff emergency calls

► Code calls

► Staff or patient requests for help or assistance Activation of a call station including patient station, bath station, staff emergency station, code station shall activate the following notification signals:

► Visual signal in the corridor at the patient room door or care space. (Rath Smart Dome Light)

► Visual signals at corridor intersections where room is not directly visible from nurse’s station.
(Rath Smart Zone Light)

► Visible and audible signals at the nurse master station and duty stations.
(Rath Annunciator Panel) or (Rath Duty Station)

► Visual signals at the calling station. (Call Placed LED)

► Visual or audio signal indication at each audio calling station to indicate voice circuit operation.
(Bed Station, Audio Only) - Patient Area Call Stations
► Each patient bed location shall be provided with a call station and shall be permitted to provide supplemental signaling of medical device alarms.

► Bath stations shall be provided at each inpatient bath, toilet, shower, or sitz bath. It must be accessible to a person lying on the floor.

► Nurse call system provisions shall be provided for:

► Geriatric, Alzheimer’s, and other Dementia units
  - Call stations require tamper resistant fasteners

  - Removal or covering of call buttons or outlets is permitted

  - Call cords or pull strings must be 6 inches or under

► Psychiatric units where staff emergency call stations are provided
  - Call stations require tamper resistant fasteners

  - No call cords or pull strings are permitted

  - Control to limit unauthorized use shall be permitted

  - Duty stations, staff stations, and code call stations must be located at required locations per the FGI Guidelines.