Waterproof Pendants: RC-IT-726E_

RATH® SmartAlert Waterproof Pendants : RC-IT-726E
Waterproof Pendants: RC-IT-726E WH (White) & RC-IT-726E BK (Black)

The RC-ITMK-1046 ensures continuous access to information, while eliminating staff management requirements.
As the epicenter for a connected campus, local access at the nurse’s station will depend on the unit directly.
The RC-IT-726E_ is securely associated with the resident to help empower seniors with a feeling of control while maintaining their safety and security. With location accuracy, response times decrease, and efficiency increases.
This single sensor can be used to locate, protect, and identify a resident in seconds.

  • Battery powered Active UHF (900MHz) sensor
  • Thoughtfully designed for seniors
  • Large ergonomically designed button
  • Haptic feedback upon successful button press
  • Secondary button for clearing events
  • Small, lightweight design
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • Anti-microbial pendant lanyard available (Part #RC-LANYARD)

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