Common Area Locator: RC-ITK-307

Locators: RC-ITK-307
The RC-ITK-307 Common Area Locator Kit is a key component to delivering the location of residents and staff in common areas of a senior living community. These devices are typically installed in larger spaces such as lobbies, recreation/pool areas, dining rooms, and therapy areas. This device is battery operated and easily installed on ceilings in areas that require larger spatial coverage. The proprietary software provides a self-managed and self-healing network that ensures no alert is missed, prioritizes duress events, and navigates the fastest path from the alerting device to the systemís head-end.

Each RC-ITK-307 transmits an infrared pulse pattern containing a unique location code. A pendant can then communicate its location ID via radio frequency where it can be accessed in real time. The device also has Bluetooth Low Energy technology embedded to support multiple IoT applications.

  • Proprietary technology for accurate room-level location
  • Battery powered
  • Simple to install ceiling tile mounting bracket (no in-room wiring required)
  • Embedded BLE for wireless IoT programming

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