RATH® SmartCare System - a Tone/Visual Nurse Call System for 1-240 Zones

RATH’s SmartCare Nurse Call System is an easy to use and easy to install tone and visual nurse call system.

Our propriety SmartLoop™ Power Technology allows for daisy-chaining of rooms which
will reduce installation costs by up to 40% compared to existing systems on the market.

Our SmartCare Software is designed to not only notify when a patient or staff call is placed,
but it also has a built-in check-in feature that proactively notifies staff when a resident does not check-in.

This fully supervised Nurse Call System complies with all UL 1069 & UL 2560 requirements.
Special Features:
  • Expandable up to 240 zones
  • Completely programmable for customization
  • Connects via Ethernet connection to laptop
    • Pre-Configurator
    • Custom name for Smart Devices
    • 6 color options
    • 3 flash rates
    • 3 programmable tone options
SmartLoop™ Technology:
  • Fully supervised circuit integrity
  • Daisy-chained 8 conductor cable
  • RJ45 termination
  • 24 AWG 8 conductor cable
  • Standard Cat5 or Cat5e

Built-in call logging via SD card
  • Print, save or email reports

Nurse Console Options:
  • Fully customizable template for LED identification
  • 28, 56, or 112 zones
  • Available in ivory or white
  • Easy install
  • Sleek design
  • Desk mountable
Smart Device Options:
  • Smart Dome Light, Smart Zone Light, Duty Station, Staff Station
  • Multiple gang sizes available
  • GE Lexan (ivory or white) or Stainless Steel
  • High efficiency RBG LEDs
  • Sleek design
Switch Station Options:
  • Pull String Station, Single and Dual Bedside Station, Panic Button Station, Code Blue Station
  • Multiple gang sizes available
  • GE Lexan (ivory or white)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sleek design
Pocket Paging:
  • Turn-key installation via RS232 serial connection
  • Notification page and cancel page
  • 5 minute reminder page
  • 5 watt paging transmitter
  • Updated pagers
Click to watch 'How the SmartCare System works'