6 Zone Annunciator: 2900-6AP Series

RATH® CliniCare 6 Zone/Room Annunciator 2900-6AP Series (Available in White & Stainless Steel)
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White - Stainless Steel
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The RATH® 6 Zone Annunciator is a flush mounted plate with 6 LEDs that represent each station location on the system. A tone will sound any time a call is placed on the system. The tone volume can be adjusted from low to high and momentarily muted with a three position toggle switch. The Annunciator is available in white or ivory powder coated Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel.
• Part Numbers:
• 2900-6APWH White
• 2900-6APSS Stainless Steel

When a device is activated, the associated LED will illuminate steady or flash depending on the type of Switch Station. Once the call has been cancelled, the light and tone will shut off. If a registered switch is lost from the system, that associated LED will light up purple. It will also sound a steady tone indicating an error. All LEDs will illuminate purple and a steady tone will sound if there is a critical system failure.

Technical Specifications:
• RJ45 connector
• 1 IN and 1 OUT
• 6 Switch Station connections
• 24 AWG, 8 conductor
• Product material: 16 AWG Stainless Steel
• Back box material: 18 AWG Galvanized Steel
• Dimensions:
• Face plate: 5.75" H x 10.25" W x 2.63" D
• Back box: 4" H x 8.5" W x 2.63" D
• Weight: 2.67 lbs

Download PDF:
6 Zone Annunciator: 2900-6AP Series Data Sheet