56 Zone Nurse Console: 2900-56AP

RATH® SmartCare 56 Zone Nurse Console 2900-56AP - Wall or Desk Mount (Available in White)
RATH® SmartCare 56 Zone Nurse Console 2900-56AP - Desk Mount (Available in White)
(Desk Mount)

The 56 Zone Nurse Console is available in powder coated white and can be wall or desk mounted. The console comes with a template for room identification. The sleek design and contemporary look complement any facility decor.

The Nurse Console is a Smart Device that communicates back with the Host Controller and requires a direct connection to the Host Controller or an Expansion Board. The SmartCare System can have up to four consoles on a single system.

Different colors, flash rates, and tones are programmed to identify what type of device has been activated and the labeled LED will indicate where it originated. There are four flash settings (steady, slow, medium, fast) and six colors to choose from. All 56 RBG LEDs are programmed individually. The sounder type can also be customized.

The green system status LED indicates that the Nurse Console is connected. The red primary power loss LED and sounder activate upon AC power loss. The sounders can be set to high volume, low volume, or can be muted momentarily with the toggle switch.
When a device is activated and registered to annunciate at the Nurse Console, that specific LED will illuminate. Once the call has been cancelled, the light and tone will shut off. During a call, the tone can be muted momentarily or until another station is activated using the left toggle switch.

Wiring Requirements:
• Wire: 24 AWG, Cat5 or Cat5e, 8 conductor ONLY
• Connectors: RJ45 Cat5 or Cat5e ONLY

Technical Specifications:
• Material: Powder coated aluminum
• Weight: 2.7 lbs.
• Product Dimensions: 10.3’’ H x 10.92’’ W x 1.03’’ D
• SmartLoop™ Power Technology
RATH® Nurse Call products are UL-1069-2560 and C-UL Listed

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56 Zone Nurse Console: 2900-56AP Series Data Sheet

• Room Templates:
2900-56AP 56 Zone Nurse Console room template (.docx)
2900-56AP 56 Zone Nurse Console room template (.pdf)