Code Blue Station: 2900-1CB Series

RATH® SmartCare & CliniCare Code Blue Station 2900-1CB Series (Available in Ivory, White & Stainless Steel)
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Ivory - White - Stainless Steel
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The RATH® Code Blue Station is available in white or ivory Lexan material or Stainless Steel and comes standard on a single gang plate. The station comes with a blue push button and a call placed LED. The station is functionally supervised and only requires a single connection to the nearest Smart Device.
• 2900-1CB Series Part Numbers:
• 2900-1CBIV Ivory
• 2900-1CBWH White
• 2900-1CBSS Stainless Steel

When the button is pressed, the call has been placed. The call placed LED will turn on steady letting the calling party know that the device has been activated. After three seconds, the call can be cancelled by pressing and holding the button for two seconds.

Wiring Requirements:
• Wire: 24 AWG, Cat5 or Cat5e, 8 conductor ONLY
• Connectors: RJ45 Cat5 or Cat5e ONLY
• Backbox: Minimum depth of 3"

Technical Specifications:
• Material: High-impact Lexan (white or ivory) or 302 Stainless Steel 20 AWG
• Face Plate Dimensions: 4-1/2" H x 2-3/4" W (single gang)
• SmartLoop™ Power Technology
• Compatible with our SmartCare System & CliniCare System

Download PDF:
Code Blue: 2900-1CB Series Data Sheet