RATH's SmartAlert Software

RATH® SmartAlert-Software-How-it-Works
RATH® SmartAlert Software

The PC with SmartAlert Software displays calls from all connected and programmed devices. It can be integrated with both the SmartCare Hardwired System and the SmartAlert Wireless System. The Notification Center on the main page displays each call listed by time and priority. The oldest and highest priority calls are displayed at the top. Each call will display as a separate line item and will include:
  • Location/Room
  • Device Type
  • Priority Level
  • Time Elapsed
A tone will sound when a call comes in as long as the volume on the PC is turned on.

The SmartAlert Reporting and Database Center offers numerous icons for administrators to generate reports, manage staff and resident information, and customize alert notification.
  • Management Email Database: Customize which care givers are emailed call reports automatically
  • Resident/Patient Database: Enter important resident information and upload a profile picture
  • Nurse/Care Giver Database: Enter care giver information and set up email and text alerts
  • Shift Database: Assign care givers to shifts for custom notification and tracking
  • Zone Database: Assign care givers to zones for custom notification and tracking
  • Reporting: Generate and send custom call reports. Sort by date, room, response time, shift, resident, zone, caregiver, or call priority level

The SmartAlert Software comes on a PC for one main work station. You can have multiple PCs with software on the network or use “client” software for viewing only. To ensure that only administrators have access to sensitive information, some screens are password enabled.

Installation training is required for these solutions. If you would like to find a RATH® approved dealer, please contact us for assistance.

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